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Workshop Overview

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For a list of short descriptions of each workshop see all workshops. For workshops open for registration see current workshops.

All workshops are offered ONLINE with a combination of live webinars and off-line material.

Accessing Inquiry for English Learners through Primary Sources Infocard

Accessing Inquiry for English Learners through Primary Sources

Dual-language-learner-friendly methods using immigrant history content to engage English Learners.

History's Mysteries K-5 Curriculum 2nd Grade lessons

Teaching Grades K-5 Social Studies with History's Mysteries

Historical thinking, inquiry based teaching, and compelling historical questions for K-5 classrooms.

Accessing Inquiry for Students with Disabilities Infocard

Accessing Inquiry for Students with Disabilities through Primary Sources

Approaches for struggling learners that increase access and motivation for all students.

Teen with microphone speaks at a community meeting.

Accessing Civic Engagement for Students with Disabilities

How will students with disabilities fully participate in new student-led civic engagement projects? 

Detail from the Disability History course flyer showing three primary sources

From Reform to Equal Rights: Teaching Disability History in the K-12 Classroom

Trace this remarkable story of reform and heartbreak, endurance and empowerment.

Integrating Civic Engagement Image

Integrating Civic Engagement Projects Across the Curriculum

Plan an effective student-led civic engagement project, and unpack Massachusetts Civics guidance.

World Fascism Infocard

America and World Fascism

What is fascism? Before World War II, idealistic Americans fought in Spain against General Franco's fascist rebels. WWII to today.

Rows of African American women wearing long white dresses, arms linked, fill a city street, led by a man holding a sign reading, "The First Blood for American Independence was Shed by a Negro: Crispus Atticus"

Black Communities' Agency: Fighting Jim Crow & Racism

Black communities’ resistance –legal, intellectual, educational, social– to organized oppression (1877-1940)<

U.S. Constitution Infocard

Understanding and Teaching the U.S. Constitution in the 21st Century

Justice and equality – origins of the Constitution to the present.

Shooting range target outline of a man, marked "Individual Privacy." riddled with bullet holes with bullets whizzing through.
The Right to Privacy: "The Most Valued and Comprehensive Right"
In the 21st century, it’s hard to say that privacy even exists in our society. Is Alexa listening to our every word?

Upcoming Workshops

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