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Resources for Education During a Pandemic - an annotated compendium of links

A streetcar with a masked conductor welcoming two passengers in hats and overcoats, one also wearing a mask.
Precautions taken in Seattle, Wash., during the Spanish Influenza... Library of Congress collections This photo is from Library of Congress Print and Photographs Collection:
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This teaching resource is a blog post that receives periodic updates. Its introduction reads, in part: 

On this page, we feature resources for teachers of History, Social Studies, and Civics who are designing curriculum in the context of the pandemic, both for students who may be learning from home, and for students navigating a changing environment no matter where teaching and learning happens. 

Among these resources are many that provide guidance for increasing the accessibility of digital teaching resources.

Headings for the annotated resource sections:

  • Back-at-school Teaching for History, Social Studies, and Civics

  • Remote Teaching for History, Social Studies, and Civics:

    • Collected Resources • Pedagogy • Social Studies Org Links (alphabetical) • Pandemic Content to Teach • Current Events • Museums and Virtual Tours

  • Resources for Schools:

    • Compendiums of links • Equity for Complex Learners: Resources for PD, IEP & 504 Standards in Online Learning, Student Needs • Online Learning Platforms

    • COVID-19 resources on teaching English Learners and students with disabilities