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Accessing Inquiry Clearinghouse (and More!) Launches on Site

Published on Mon, 10/21/2019

Teacher holds up a political cartoon primary source.
Accessing Inquiry for English Learners workshop in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. happily announces new website resources and features to support powerful teaching of diverse learners. Long-established features also got major rebuilds, including Radical Equality exhibit and Windows on History local history projects: 

  • Accessing Inquiry–new clearinghouse–offers the nation’s most extensive guide and reference focused on teaching History and Social Science for diverse learners. (Especially Students with Disabilities and English Learners.) Find powerful teaching tools! 
  • Teaching Resources expands and continues to grow our searchable database, now with 30+ lesson plans, 30+ primary source sets, and an emerging set of Teaching Strategies for accessibility. Features trailblazing accessible lessons on Disability History and on the history of immigration and immigrant communities. Find accessible primary sources and lessons! 
  • Online Exhibits: Find compelling stories with a Massachusetts connection!
    • Radical Equality - 1840s Utopian Abolitionist Community
    • Steamboat Bartnet - Industrial Revolution 
    • Forge of Innovation - The Springfield Armory and the Genesis of American Industry (builds on our 2015 and 2019 NEH summer workshops!)
  • Professional Development links to our catalog of exciting face-to-face and online courses for teachers of History, Social Science, and the Humanities. Find great workshops and grad courses! 
  • Blog and History eNews disseminates teaching resources, lessons, and policy information on History and Social Science education, including a decade of archives. Scroll to the bottom of the Home Page to click through to the most current blog posts and to the most recent eNews. (To find that notable upcoming event or award!) Stay up to date in History and Social Science! 

Since Emerging America joined the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Consortium in 2010, we have taught the graduate-level course Accessing Inquiry for Students with Disabilities (or for English Learners) through Primary Sources 28 times across ten states to 500+ teachers. The new clearinghouse taps that vital experience to expand our capacity to support teachers nationwide, including through our interactive  online courses. Both Accessing Inquiry courses will be offered fully online by winter 2020. Register

The website has offered cutting edge, online, primary source-based history content and teaching tools since 2006. Windows on History has helped dozens of schools publish community-based, student-driven local history projects on the web. Windows on History pioneered tools and techniques, and offers tips and strategies for your own projects. This latest website rebuild adds stability, usability, and a wealth of new content and features! 

NOTE: This week, Tufts University announced the opening of the incredibly useful Massachusetts K-12 Civics and Social Studies Resources website! The site is co-sponsored by the Massachusetts Civic Learning Coalition. The new Tisch-Tufts site features a searchable database of organizations and resources. The site builds on and replaces our own 2018 Civic Education site ( built with support from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, in coordination with the 2018 Civic Education Institute. Good luck Tufts colleagues! 


Rich Cairn

Civics and Social Studies Curriculum and Instruction Specialist, Collaborative for Educational Services
Rich Cairn founded Emerging America in 2006, which features the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources program at the Collaborative for Educational Services, and the National Endowment for the Humanities Landmarks of American History program, "Forge of Innovation: The Springfield Armory and the Genesis of American Industry." The Accessing Inquiry clearinghouse, supported by the Library of Congress TPS program promotes full inclusion of students with disabilities and English Learners in civics and social studies education.