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Doodle on the theme of collaborative inquiry contributing to Deeper Learning (shown as water in a fish-bowl)
Date: Jan 23 2023
Professional Learning Community (PLC) Update for the project English Learner Collaborations: Extending the Reach of Primary Sources

Guest post by Jacqueline LaFrance

January, 2023 

Emerging America logo against vista of sky, river, distant mountains.
Date: Jan 19 2023
A young boy in a classroom holds his hands over his headphones.
Date: Jan 12 2023
Ensure that your digital education projects are fully accessible. By Rich Cairn

When the Library of Congress launched the national “library service for blind patrons” (NLS) in 1931, it marked a key point in the history of intellectual, professional, and civic life for disabled Americans. The U.S. Government would henceforth take the leading role in ensuring that news, research, literature, an…

Streetcar with surgical-mask-wearing conductor, waves goodbye to two men on street wearing hats & overcoats, one wearing improvised mask.
Date: Jan 11 2023
We are in the third winter of education during a pandemic, now with the benefit of experience, vaccines, and the expectation that any school closures will be brief and that in-person learning will remain the norm. Teachers are reporting a greater degree of normalcy. Still, the impact of COVID-19 as a teaching challenge that has propelled educators to develop a wide range of digital learning skills…
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