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Letter, Dolly W. Stetson to James A. Stetson, Oct. 26, 1844

[Oct 26, 1844]

Saturday October 26th [1844]
My Dear
I send your pants how they will fit or how they will do I know not they are some of Anna,s handy work but I think they will not last very long they seem more worn than I thought — I suppose Almira is with you by this time – it seems to me that she has been gone a long time and I cannot help looking for her home some to day I wish you would come with her if it were practicable but I do not suppose you can

Sojourner [has?] returned so that I have got a discharge from the washing room —We had a very interesting Lyceum last Wednesday Evening
The order of exercises are first a choice of a chairman for the evening – second declaimation by some of the young people – third reading the Pic Nic which is a paper not printed but contributed by different members Wm Bassett Editor – the articles are put into a box for the purpose he selects those he thinks most suitable for publication pastes them onto a large sheet and that with a good deal of Editorial makes up our paper we have a colum of items embracing all the news that interests us as communitists – (I think you might occasionally send us “Letters from Boston” that would be very interesting and acceptable.1 you must write only on one side of the [s]heet, ask Thomas to write for the Pic Nic) fourthly debate upon some subject agreed upon at a previous meeting.The subject debated last evening and it is continued is this “can we adopt the systim of Fourier in the arangement of our Industry with advantage” Mr Mack Bassett Rosebrook are in the affirmative and I think Parker Hammond and Mrs Mack will take the negative — I wish you were here to help the cause along. I believe the classes get along very well alltho I do not attend and know but a little about them Anna talks of going to Providence next week – and Mother talks some of going to Brooklyn this Fall -There is some fuss about Isaacks being here – there is a strong prejudice here against him and I wish he had gone to Brook Farm if they were so anxious to have him2 – we are all well the children all send love and wish you to come home in all of which I most cordiall join Written in haste
DW Stetson

Addressed: J. A Stetson


  1. She had suggested this before; see note 52.
  2. Isaac Swasey. Two weeks earlier Dolly Stetson had reported his comments on the NAEI and the unlikelihood that his parents would, as contemplated, move there; presumably Swasey was by now felt by some members to have outstayed his welcome.

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