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Date: Nov 28 2018


Free Webinar on Media Literacy and Civic Engagement. Gain insights on these vital components to 2018 History and Social Science Curriculum Framework and the new Civic Engagement legislation. December 10 - 5:00-6:30pm. Register. New accessible lesson at on Magna Carta. (See bottom of page below).

Webinar: Media Literacy and Civ…

5-cent Magna Carta Commemorative Postage Stamp June 16, 1965
Date: Nov 25 2018

A new lesson, appropriate for 8th grade civics and adaptable for other grades, asks: What impact did the Magna Carta have on the U.S. Constitution and the shaping of the 14th Amendment? With a particular emphasis placed on the due process of law, students analyze and organize primary source documents ranging from a British Court of Common Pleas from 1610 to Chief Justice Warren’s notes on Miran…

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Date: Nov 14 2018

EMERGING AMERICA HISTORY eNEWS Vol. 5, Issue 42 for November 14, 2018

NEWS GOVERNOR SIGNS CIVICS BILL! Details Lesson on veterans available at (See below.)

Webinar: Understanding the New Practice Standards Heart of the 2018 Massachusetts History and Social Science Curriculum Framework…

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Date: Nov 7 2018

EMERGING AMERICA HISTORY eNEWS Vol. 5, Issue 41 for November 7, 2018

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