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Date: Dec 21 2012

Teachers Matt Brown and Ann Pember first posted these ideas as part of the 2012 Emerging America Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Training of Trainers program.

Motivating Students to Question Sources

Early on, I provide the documents, and I set the questions. But eventually, I like students to choose their own documents for projects. I also like the documents to become…

The Bridgman Block building in Belchertown, MA
Date: Dec 14 2012
Exploring Emerging America’s Windows on History Program

Since 2006, Emerging America’s Windows on History program has mobilized more than 30 research teams of K-12 students with their teachers and in partnership with historical societies, museums, town and college libraries, expert individuals, and other very local resources. Students learn to think historically as they track down primary sour…

George Washington in a boat with the flag and continental soldiers
Date: Dec 10 2012

"What is the dog doing there? It really would run away when it heard the guns fire. So why did Paul Revere put it in the picture? Well, most people like dogs. So we think he wanted people to take the side of the Americans by thinking, 'Those mean British are shooting at a dog!'" - Fifth graders, Morgan Elementary School, Holyoke, Massachusetts

Famous images deeply influence ideas about…

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