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History eNews from Emerging America - December 14, 2016

Published on Mon, 12/12/2016

Emerging America History eNEWS Vol. 3, Issue 36 for December 14, 2016


  • Why is Emerging America charging a fee? To ensure that all who sign up show up and complete course work. (Deposits were a complex headache for all.) Modest fees also allow us to continue to support focused learning with beverages, snacks, and meals on site.


  • “Accessing Inquiry” courses for History-Social Studies-Humanities teachers (below) meet Mass license renewal requirements for 15-hours PD on students with disabilities or 15-hours PD on English Learners. Link to renewal regulations.

    • “At least 15 PDPs related to training in strategies for effective schooling for students with disabilities and instruction of students with diverse learning styles.”

    • “At least 15 PDPs related to SEI or English as a Second Language.”

Library of Congress Talking Books Program (1944)

How can I support struggling learners to succeed in History-Social Studies?

  • Accessing Inquiry for Student with Disabilities through Primary Sources. Meets 15-hour requirement. $65. Snacks, lunch, and all materials included. Grad credit available for extra fee. REGISTER.

    • Jan. 11 & Feb. 6 - Plymouth North HS. Sharon Jones & Rich Cairn.

    • April 13 & 27 - Northampton. Laurie Risler & Rich Cairn.

  • Accessing Inquiry for English Learners through Primary Sources. March 27 & April 11. 8am - 4pm. Northampton. Albert Mussad & Rich Cairn. $65. Snacks, lunch, and all materials included. REGISTER.

How can I fit professional development into my busy schedule?

  • Immigration Issues in Perspective for Diverse Students. March 15 - May 3. Online Course. $65. Grad credit available for extra fee.  REGISTER.

How can I help students approach controversial discussions, well-informed and with civility?

  • American and World Fascism: From the Spanish Civil War to Nuremberg and Beyond - In English with Spanish language breakout. $25. Snacks, lunch, and all materials included. Optional grad credit available for fee. Teaching Humanities. March 31 & April 1. Holyoke. REGISTER.


  • Dec. 14 - 4pm - Free webinar. “A Year in the Life of America.” Creative link of primary sources to current events. Sherry Leavitt, Northern Virginia. Register.

  • "The TPS Teachers Network is a social media platform that welcomes, connects, and engages teachers in a sustained conversation and ongoing professional learning within a community of peers to improve teaching and learning using Library of Congress primary sources." A peer-to-peer network of teachers helping each other do amazing things with primary sources! The link to join is

Library of Congress Teachers Blog

  • Tips on the New LoC.Gov Home Page. Post.


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Karen Albano

former History eNews Editor, Emerging America
Karen Albano worked with Emerging America from 2015-2020, contributing to many facets of the program including developing curriculum, improving the accessibility of the website to educators, overseeing social media outreach, and editing the History eNews.