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Sample Lessons on Disability History

Bain News Service, Publisher. American wounded in base hospital, France. , 1917. [or 1918] Photograph.
Bain News Service, Publisher. American wounded in base hospital, France. , 1917. [or 1918] Photograph.

Reform to Equal Rights: K-12 Disability History Curriculum – Now open!


Teacher-Written Lessons on Disability History

The lessons below were written by individual teachers as part of Accessing Inquiry for Students with Disabilities through Primary Sources grad courses. They reflect the idiosyncratic needs of each teacher in their particular settings. All share a commitment to accessibility. By contrast, Emerging America's Reform to Equal Rights curriculum offers 23 lessons that provide a coherent approach to disability history across all grades. 

State Standards on Disability History - List of standards that directly address Disability History in the 2018 Massachusetts history standards, with links to lessons that address them. UPDATED 11-03-2021.  



Search the Teaching Resources section on this site for inquiry-based, teacher-designed lessons that demonstrate strategies to enliven historical content through engaging learning activities–and incorporating a rich mix of primary sources. Our Inquiry Strategies page offers in-depth explanation of how to incorporate inquiry into teaching diverse learners. 


Find more accessible lessons and teaching resources using search tool for the Emerging America library of Teaching Resources.

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