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English Learner Collaborations

English Learner Collaborations, Library of Congress TPS Consortium Member

Teaching the Language of Social Studies

Language-aware lessons support all students, especially Multilingual Learners who are still developing in English, access primary-source rich learning

Massachusetts Council for the Social Studies TPS Project

Massachusetts Council for the Social Studies, funded by a grant from the Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) program of the Library of Congress, has collaborated with the Collaborative for Educational Services and other organizations to increase multilingual learner access to the social studies. Read the project announcement post.


Lessons developed and piloted (links below)

The English Learner Collaborations project commissioned the development of lessons to illustrate applying English Language Development (ELD) teacher resources to History and Social Studies content.

Annotated with connections to the terms and principles from the WIDA 2020 ELD framework, and with suggestions for additional supports and preparation depending on the needs of the students in the classroom, these lessons provides a plan to meet not only history content objectives but language objectives. 

These lessons were developed encourage teacher thinking and feedback. See the bottom of the page for suggested citation. Content created and featured in partnership with the TPS program does not indicate an endorsement by the Library of Congress. An editable copy will be linked to each resource as we incorporate pilot-testing feedback from teachers. A new pilot of primary source lessons designed for use in ESL classrooms was recently completed; these lessons will expand the range of the lessons linked below. If you wish to see the ESL version before it has been posted, please email

A professional learning community (PLC) bringing together social studies teachers with ELD teachers was a source of  discussion and reflection on language growth and social studies teaching using primary sources. In the 2023-2024 academic year, thanks to a grant from the Eastern Region of the Teaching with Primary Sources program, the PLC will continue. Please contact us if you are interested in participating. 






Self-paced, free professional development with particular focus on those students whose home language is not English is available from another grantee from the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources program. The Integrating Library of Congress Primary Resources into High School Social Studies Lesson Plans course offers five modules, each of which provides the teacher with "an ‘out-of-the-box’, ready to use standards-aligned lesson that will fully engage every student, " walking instructors through selected resources and demonstrating strategic adaptations to benefit all students, with particular focus on multilingual learners.


Considerations and Contributions of Multilingual Americans and the Educating for American Democracy Roadmap

The English Learner Collaborations project of the Massachusetts Council for the Social Studies convened a council of expert advisors to develop resources to increase the inclusion of multilingual learners in civic and social studies education. One working group considered how the 2021 Educating for American Democracy Roadmap could contribute to that work. 

The Educating for American Democracy Roadmap aims to offer guidance to be used by national, state, tribal, and local leaders to assess the adequacy of current practices, standards, and resources. The working group used the EAD framework to spur queries to support a more inclusive approach to history and civics that includes histories of multilingual Americans. See the most recent draft of Considerations and Contributions of Multilingual Americans and the Educating for American Democracy Roadmap


Suggested citation for language-aware lessons linked above: Audet, A. and Noyes, A. (2022). Primary source lessons demonstrating practical applications of WIDA 2020 principles and resources for elementary, middle school, and high school social studies teaching. Extending the reach of primary sources: English Learner Collaborations project of the Massachusetts Council for the Social Studies.

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