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History eNews from Emerging America - December 5, 2018

Published on Wed, 12/05/2018


  • December 6 - 4-6:30pm - Smith College Museum of Art seeks members for Teacher Advisory Group (TAG) - Info and RSVP

Featured Primary Sources Sets from Emerging America:

Pearl Harbor and the U.S. Reaction

Two posters (image in black and white) stating "Attention" and "Instructions to all persons of Japanese ancestry"

Posted at First and Front streets, directing removal by April 7 of persons of Japanese ancestry, from the first San Francisco section to be affected by evacuation

EVENTS @ EMERGING AMERICA - Info & Registration.

Contact HISTORY AND CIVICS EDUCATION COURSES World Geography and History: Designing Grades 6-7. Gain content knowledge in World Geography and Ancient History. Unpack, examine, and align courses to new History and Social Science standards. Two-day course. Grad credit available. Register.

  • Jan. 29 and Feb. 5 - CES, Northampton.

Integrating Civic Engagement Projects Across the Curriculum. How will YOU meet the new Massachusetts requirement to offer civic engagement projects? Learn the basics. Generate and test fly a specific action plan. Taught by national service-learning and civic engagement leader, Rich Cairn. Two-day course. Grad credit available. Register.

  • Jan. 23 and March 13 - CES, Northampton.


Library of Congress Teacher Blog

  • Encouraging Student Examination of Persuasive Strategies Used in an Anti-Lynching Report
  • Library of Congress staff at NCSS in Chicago! Links to resources from the National Council for the Social Studies conference last week.

OTHER RECOMMENDED EVENTS - Across Massachusetts and the U.S.

  • December 6 - 7-7:45 - Webinar - FDR and the Four Freedoms - Constitutional Rights Foundation. Register.
  • December 13 - February 24 - Museum of Fine Arts: Boston - Ansel Adams in Our Time (Exhibition) - Information

Featured Emerging America Primary Source Resources:

Pearl Harbor and the US Reaction: Emerging America has two teacher-assembled sets of primary sources that offer rich detail and related classroom activities to engage student inquiry about Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on December 7 and the events that followed. Library of Congress video interviews with eyewitnesses, photographs (including photos by Ansel Adams), maps, blueprints, and other documents provide many means to help students find connections to events. Japan’s Attack on Pearl Harbor is introduced by a detailed timeline of the events of the attack, an activity in which students take the role of reporters, and a Documents Based Question (DBQ). The sources include video interviews with veteran and nurse eyewitnesses with thumbnails summaries, the news broadcast type script, maps, blueprints, photos, and other documentation. Japanese Internment: U.S. Reacts to Attack on Pearl Harbor focuses on the experiences and reactions of Americans after the attack. ********************************** History eNews welcomes YOUR news & events. Published Wednesdays; deadline Sunday noon. Archived at - Reply to to be removed from this list. Register for CES events. Teacher-created lessons, primary source sets, & assessments at: Follow Emerging America on Twitter and Facebook.  


Karen Albano

former History eNews Editor, Emerging America
Karen Albano worked with Emerging America from 2015-2020, contributing to many facets of the program including developing curriculum, improving the accessibility of the website to educators, overseeing social media outreach, and editing the History eNews.