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Streetcar with surgical-mask-wearing conductor, waves goodbye to two men on street wearing hats & overcoats, one wearing improvised mask.
Date: Mar 31 2023
UPDATE: Summer is upon us, all the national metrics on contagion, from wastewater to hospitalizations, are low, and the declaration of national emergency has ended. We're leaving this compendium of resources up for any of us to come back to when it might be useful.
Emerging America logo against vista of sky, river, distant mountains.
Date: Mar 16 2023
A photograph of President George H.W. Bush signing the Americans with Disabilities Act into law. He is seated at a table outside, there is a fountain in the background. Four other people surround the table, three men and one woman, two men are using wheelchairs. Justin Dart sits to the president's left, wearing his trademark cowboy hat, a suit, and a button that supports the ADA on his lapel.
Date: Mar 15 2023
Reform to Equal Rights is the first ever K-12 Disability History Curriculum. The curriculum supports history and civics teachers in all settings. Lessons can stand on their own. Or teachers can integrate selections from the 200+ primary sources, and/or accessible activities, into what they already teach on topics such as impacts of wars, immigration, social movements, and changing roles of governm…
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