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Emerging America logo against vista of sky, river, distant mountains.
Date: Nov 10 2021
New Mini-Units Will Integrate Disability History across K-12 Curriculum; Seeking teachers to pilot mini-units.  Free Teaching with Primary Sources Micro-credentials - Barat Foundation’s Citizen U micro-credentials on using primary sources, hosted by the National Education Association (NEA), and created in partnership with Emerging America, and Inquiry in the Upper Midwest. Includes Universal Desig…
Seven deaf students stand in front of old U.S. flag as they sign the National Anthem
Date: Nov 3 2021

Updated 05-05-2022

A Transformative Story for Humanity 

The disability rights movement has made enormous strides in the American story, going from a group whose very right to exist was questioned, to reconceptualization of the needs and rights of veterans with disabilities ... to a modern movement for full inclusion. Helping all students understand this history, key issues in the pres…