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Date: Sep 8 2021
Develop a Mystery for Your Own K-5 Classroom Register for History’s Mysteries Institute ‡ Register for History’s Mysteries Intro Webinar NEWS “Closing the Gap in Civics for Students with Disabilities in Classrooms from K-12” – Read Rich Cairn’s blog post.  Massachusetts Civic Literacy Coalition Policy and Advocacy Fellow Allison Pao seeks Mass Civics teachers for a survey and/or interviews. (With…
Smiling young student in wheelchair with teen by school bus.
Date: Sep 8 2021
Mind the Gap

Students gain knowledge and skills in civics and history when schools provide effective instruction and when students have opportunities to express their voice and to engage in activities like service-learning. Yet American education is falling far short–in elementary grades in particular–and especially for students with disabilities. 

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