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Social Security: What is the Federal Responsibility to Care for Vulnerable People?

Older woman standing with arms on a rough-hewn fence text reads: THE WIDOW OF A QUALIFIED WORKER WILL RECEIVE MONTHLY BENEFITS AT AGE 65. IN CERTAIN CASES, AN AGED DEPENDENT PARENT MAY GET BENEFITS. For information, write or call at the nearest field office of the Social Security Board.
Poster advertising Social Security
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In this lesson, students learn about the Social Security Act and its provisions to care for the elderly, the unemployed, mothers and children, and children and adults with disabilities.  Students will examine several primary source images and documents related to the New Deal era, using a primary source analysis organizer. The lesson offers options in how students can show their learning. This lesson plan has a special feature: the teacher who authored it offers reflections on how teaching the lesson worked with her class when she taught it the first time. This lesson can serve as a culminating experience for the study of the Great Depression and the New Deal.