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Emerging America Lesson Design Toolkit

Screen shot of the cover of a lesson plan with image of a teen worker.
The Emerging America Teaching Resources library offers dozens of accessible, teacher-written lesson plans. Emerging America offers an unparalleled set of lessons on Disability History and a wealth of lessons on Immigration History and Industrial History.

Keep at hand all seven items in the  Emerging America Lesson Design Toolkit to support strong lesson plan development. You will also need copies of applicable academic standards and, of course, your text set, and any other support materials for the lesson. Refer to each tool to broaden choices for you and for students. The tools help make precise and clear the language in lesson objectives, instructions for assignments, rubrics, graphic organizers, and other handouts. 

Lesson Template


Guiding Questions

  • Download: Good Historical Inquiry Questions - Helps ensure that guiding questions are sufficiently interesting and challenging. Also provides a test as to whether the question functions well with available primary and secondary sources. Students as well as teachers may learn to use these guidelines to refine investigation questions.  


Focus Vocabulary

  • Download: High Mileage Academic Vocabulary List - Targets the academic terms that students must master to do well in any academic discipline. Ideally, a district would agree on which terms to ensure are taught in which grades and courses. Pairs well with the "Bricks" and "Mortar" vocabulary focus grid in the Emerging America Lesson Template. Identify the terms that students must master if they are to complete the tasks in the lesson. 







Accessible Curriculum

Youths work in a machine shop supervised by a man in a long coat.
Machine shop class. [1900]. Bain News Service.