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Conducting Searches for Primary Sources - Video Guide

Finding Disability History Primary Sources Image

Finding Primary Sources on Disability History

Browse the thorough and easy-to-follow: Using the Library of Congress Online: A Guide for Middle and High School Students. Also very useful for teachers! 


Emerging America Video Part 1: What are you looking for? Text Sets (3:29 mins) - Link to Part 1 video

  • This first video explains the idea of a text set, including examples. 


Emerging America Video Part 2: How to Find Primary Sources (6:56 mins) - Link to Part 2 video

  • This second video offers guidance for navigating the vast Library of Congress website, with particular attention to finding primary sources related to Disability History.


Finding Primary Sources at the Library of Congress

A short version of How to Find Primary Sources (2:44 mins) - Link to short video

  • Our quick-talking guide explains how to search the Library of Congress.