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Introduction to Elementary Inquiry using History’s Mysteries

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Today's Mystery Why is there an elephant on the beach? - huge grey elephant structure towers over nearby buildings, sandy grass in foreground and blue sky behind
Wed, 11/03/2021

Join us November 3 from 4:00 - 5:30 pm for an Introduction to Elementary Inquiry using History’s Mysteries.

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The Introduction webinar will also be offered on February 9th and May 18th


History’s Mysteries is a ready-to-use K-5 curriculum featuring student investigation of primary sources from the Library of Congress and other archives. Each unit includes three or more mysteries, each fully addressing an engaging topic for grades K-5 (see below; more units are on the way).

  • Kindergarten:
    • Unit 1: What is the difference between now and then?
    • Unit 2: How do we celebrate our shared traditions?
  • Grade 1:
    • Unit 1: How do communities make decisions? 
    • Unit 2: What makes a good leader?
  • Grade 2:
    • Unit 1: Why do people move?
    • Unit 2: Why do we need maps?
  • Grade 3:
    • Unit 1: Why do people celebrate the 4th of July?
    • Unit 2: Native sovereignty and the American Revolution
  • Grade 4:
    • Unit 1: How do maps help us understand the world?
    • Unit 2: How did water shape work?
  • Grade 5:
    • Unit 1: How did enslaved people experience the Atlantic World?
    • Unit 2: What is "Free Speech"?

This is an opportunity for teachers to become familiar with History’s Mysteries and ask questions in preparation for teaching the curriculum. 

Audience and Grade Level

Curriculum Directors and Teachers; Grades K-5


The cost of the training is $50 for non-member districts.


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