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Welcome to the Emerging America resource library. Browse our ever-growing collection of primary source sets, lesson plans, classroom assessments, and more, developed by teachers and edited for quality and consistency. Use the controls in the blue box to search and filter by Type, Subject, Time Period, and Grade Level. NOTE: Use the website search engine (above) to find resources–such as apps and curriculum from other organizations–that appear only in the blog.
A young seated man, with bare chest and elaborate collar, aims a bow and arrow while a small woman seated on the floor next to his legs smiles up at him.


King Tutankhamun was a pharaoh who became a leader at age 9. His tomb is a rich source of art and information about the time in which he…

Mural with overlapping images of faces, hands holding things, silhouettes of people walking, and more.

In this lesson on the experiences and contributions of immigrants to the United States, elementary students explore the reasons why people have made life changes in moving to a new country, both earlier in history and recently. Using primary sources spanning 100 years, students generate questions and look for answers. Students also interview adults in their lives or at school about their own…

A Google Form survey reads: "Today I am (check all that apply", boxes to check read: "Happy" "Excited" "Sad" "Anxious" "Hungry" "Silly". Remainder is out of view.

Teachers strive to engage all learners. A 'best practice' is to create multiple ways for students to communicate what they need, and multiple ways to check in to see how students are learning. Simple online survey tools can provide an avenue for students to communicate how they are doing. 

In this example, developed for use with students during remote learning, the…

Laura Bridgman teaches touch-reading to a younger student.

Disability History: From Almshouses to Civil Rights

UPDATED IN 2020. The following primary source set, created using materials from the Library of Congress, contains an array of sources focused on Disability History in the United States. Disability has been interwoven into America’s history since the country’s inception through letters, images, newspapers, diaries and other primary…

syringe labeled “POLIO VACCINE” is shown above two test tubes, one labeled “MONEY” and one labeled “PLANNING”, with the prominent words, “The Missing Ingredients!”

Polio and Parallels to the Covid-19 Pandemic 

Closed movie theaters, church services, and summer camps – special hospital wards with ventilators called ‘iron lungs’ for polio patients with the most severe cases – parallels between polio and coronavirus epidemics are…