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Digital Fridays!

Published on Tue, 03/12/2013

In today’s world, technology moves at the speed of light. There are programs and websites created every day that promise to make your life easier/faster/more entertaining. But how can you tell what’s out there when everything is moving at the speed of light? “Digital Friday” is a new feature on the blog. One Friday a month, we will introduce a free online tool that is being used by history and social studies teachers to deepen students understanding of primary sources.

Social Media at Vital New Tool

Published on Wed, 03/07/2012

Emerging America embraces social media as a means to fulfill our mission to provide high-quality professional development to K-12 teachers on History, primary sources, and the Common Core State Standards. Quality professional development is more than just attending workshops and seminars. It requires a sustained process of learning and developing ideas about how our work impacts students. Social media offers a space where this kind of development can continue long after the workshops are over.

Through Facebook, Twitter, and regular updates to our blog, we will:

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