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Civics Courses

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Courses on Civics Education and Civic Engagement

Integrating Civic Engagement Projects Across the Curriculum

Massachusetts teachers are working to meet the new requirement that every student have the opportunity to complete civic engagement projects between 8th and 12th grades that engage students in real-world issues in their communities. Civics content including media literacy, and broader literacy and practice standards are part of the MA History and Social Science Standards.  In this workshop, participants will plan an effective student-led civic engagement project for ALL learners.  REGISTER

Accessing Civic Engagement for Students with Disabilities

How will your school district ensure that students with disabilities can fully and meaningfully participate in the new student-led civic engagement projects at 8th grade and high school? (Includes students receiving support through Special Education and 504 plans and other diverse learners.) Draft implementation plan. Address 2018 legislation and DESE guidance for implementation. Complete district readiness assessment prior to workshop. REGISTER

Rising to the Challenge of Civic Leadership in the Classroom

Offered in collaboration with the Western Massachusetts Writing Project at the University of Massachusetts. Coming Soon (July, 2020)

Upcoming Workshops

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