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History eNews from Emerging America - June 7, 2017

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Published on Tue, 06/06/2017

Emerging America History eNEWS Vol. 4, Issue 22 for June 7, 2017


  • June 13 - 10am - MA State House - Hearing on Civic Engagement bills before the Mass Legislature. (Room TBD.) Meet up with fellow educators at 9:30, Nurses Hall, 2nd Floor.
  • THANK YOU to 109 teachers and administrators from 86 school districts who completed our survey on district social studies practice!!! See full report in June 7 Emerging America blog. http://emergingamerica.orgblog/ Key points:
    • 59% of 5th graders get an hour or less of social studies each week.
    • 70% of respondents support a required civic action project. (Just 19% oppose it.)
How can I help my English Learners connect with the standard U.S. history curriculum? How can I help my native English speakers empathize with the experience of immigrants? (INFO.) [caption id="attachment_10272" align="alignnone" width="257"]Liberty Cabbage: During WWI, government as well as private organizations scrutinized the loyalty of German-American communities. Liberty Cabbage: During WWI, government as well as private organizations scrutinized the loyalty of German-American communities.[/caption] SUMMER EVENTS @ EMERGING AMERICA - Info How can I meet state requirements (15 hours each) for Professional Development on teaching Social Studies to students with disabilities? English Learners?
  • July 11-12 - “Accessing Inquiry for Students with Disabilities through Primary Sources” - Cambridge, Mass. Available for 1 grad credit in History. REGISTER. Email to reserve a space.
  • August 1-2 - “Accessing Inquiry for English Learners through Primary Sources” - Greenfield Community College. Audrey Morse and Rich Cairn. Available for 1 grad credit in History. REGISTER.
“Accessing Inquiry” courses meet Mass license renewal requirements for 15-hours PD on students with disabilities or 15-hours PD on English Learners. Link to renewal regulations. Optional 1 Westfield State University grad credit in History available. What content courses are you offering this summer?
  • July 5 - August 5 - ONLINE - “Black Community and Agency: Fighting the Color Line (1877-1940)”. With outstanding instructors: Kelley Brown and Amilcar Shabazz! Available for 3 grad credits in History. REGISTER.


Teachers’ Blog

  • Science-Related Sources, including Alexander Graham Bell, Charles Darwin, Evan Torricelli, Emile Berliner, and weather-related resources. Post.
  • Bolshevik Revolution through Historic Newspapers. Post.


  • Ruggles Center in Northampton is open 11am to 2pm Sundays June 11 - Oct. 9 - One of the most well-documented communities on the Underground Railroad.
  • June 14 - 6-7pm - Wistariahurst - “History Matters: How and When They Came Affected Immigrants’ Incorporation and Life Chances in Holyoke” - Ginetta Candelario
  • June 17 - 10am - 4pm - Springfield Armory - WWI Day. Exhibits, talks, reenactors.
  • June 17 - 2pm - Historic Northampton - Bruce Laurie “Chaotic Freedom in Civil War Louisiana: The Origins of an Iconic Image” - Slavery and the Propaganda.
  • June 28 - 6-7pm - Wistariahurst - “Lived Realities of Immigration: Mexican and Undocumented in the United States” - Leah Schmalzbauer & Aleli Andrés
  • June 30 - Deadline to propose workshop at MCSS Oct. 20 Conference in Marlborough
  • July 29 - History Camp of the Pioneer Valley - A day for history lovers and those who love them!
  • July 31-August 4 - MCSS Summer 2017 Content Institute - Boston Info
  • August 20 - Deadline for MCSS Professional Development Submissions for the 2017-18 School Year MCSS Sign In and Info
  • October 20 - Statewide MCSS Fall Conference - Marlborough, Massachusetts Info
  • Teachers as Activists: Dealing with controversy. Teaching teams. From Teaching Tolerance.
  • Teaching Tolerance Summe Journal - FREE - Undocumented Students - Empowering students to recast their personal narratives from, “I can’t” to “I can.” More!
  • NEW website at Boston Public Library Leventhal Map Center. FUN!
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Karen Albano

History eNews Editor, Emerging America
Karen Albano began working with the Emerging America program in 2015. She is currently the editor of the weekly History eNews, and has contributed to many facets of the Emerging America program, including developing curriculum, improving the accessibility of the website to educators, and overseeing social media outreach.